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The 2016 Venice Chalk Festival was a huge success

//The 2016 Venice Chalk Festival was a huge success

The 2016 Venice Chalk Festival was a huge success

This year’s Chalk Festival theme was Love & Peace and the artists did a tremendous job sharing the Love & Peace on the Venice Municipal Airport grounds. Vibrant, brilliant colors splashed the runways and surrounding areas last week. Local visitors and guests were able to see the festival begin from the blank slates on the concrete to the finished works of art.

Artists started with an area and a concept and developed their artwork piece by piece until the area was filled with a truly amazing Love & Peace themed chalk display. There were 2-D as well as 3-D displays. The Festvial hosted live music, Food Trucks,  Blues Brother’s statues and the even the Statue of Liberty made an appearance!

“Hailed as the most important pavement art event in the world, the International Chalk Festival will run four days, in its entirety, at the Venice Airport Fairgrounds from November 10 to 13 with the 2017 theme announced January 1, 2017.”

“This performance art form, as we know it today, is thought to have originated in Italy during the 16th century. These Italian artists called “madonnari,” went into remission after the Second World War. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the remaining small number of madonnari got the recognition they deserved with the start of the International Madonnari Festival in Grazie di Curtatone in Northern Italy.

In the USA, Robert Guillemin, known as “Sidewalk Sam,” became inspired by the Italians and took to the pavement in Massachusetts during the 1970’s. He remained passionate about the art form until his death last year.

In the 1980’s, an American artist named Kurt Wenner, while trying to make a living studying classical drawing in Italy, became the first American madonnari. He went on to invent the 3D pavement art which was documented by the National Geographic Society in 1985. He started the first festival in the USA, and along with the festival in Italy, was instrumental in transforming the art into a worldwide phenomenon. Starting in 2010 and every year since, the Chalk Festival features the most 3D pavement paintings ever created in one location. Also in 2010, it became the first international pavement art festival in the USA. The artists who create these 3D pavement paintings invite visitors during the festival to step directly onto their artwork–becoming a part of illusion in photos. These artists come up with intricate ideas that make images and the ground appear to dip inward or rise above when viewed from a particular vantage point.” –

We look forward to next year’s display and theme announcement and hope that everyone enjoys the display we shared.

Book your stay for next year’s festival which runs Novemeber 10th thru 13th, 2017.

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