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41st Annual Venice, FL Christmas Parade “Amazing”

//41st Annual Venice, FL Christmas Parade “Amazing”

41st Annual Venice, FL Christmas Parade “Amazing”

41st Annual Parade “Amazing”

by Dee Paul

The 41st Annual Christmas Parade marched down Venice Avenue for several hours last night bordered by a stunning LED lighted row of stately Royal Palms.  One of the guests here at Inn At The Beach, Larry S. said the parade was  “Absolutely Amazing!  I’ve been here many times but have never gone to the Parade before.  I’m glad I went.  It was really amazing!”

Folks new to the Venice experience are always stunned that people “mark their space” several days before the big event by setting up lawn chairs to save their favorite viewing area, and no one ever bothers or moves their items.  Some parade -goers  mark out a small square of space in advance, using Christmas garland and some spread a blanket or mat on the ground under the chairs.  They know their space will be there waiting when they return the day of the event! What a great town Venice is!  Around 5PM the music began at the Harbor Drive intersection and various dance groups performed their lively dance routines.  Ages ranged from young children to seniors, not that age was ever a factor in this remarkable town!  Before the actual Parade began, local school groups and philanthropic organizations pulled wagons filled with bottles of water, glow sticks, food items and the like and provided parade watchers with an opportunity to contribute.  Christmas music filled the air and children enjoyed the street space by jumping all around, spinning, and dancing, while they waited for the sounds of police sirens signaling the start of the parade! Over 120 organizations participated, and thousands enjoyed all their efforts. One float shot snow out to the crowd; many threw candy to the “kids” and enthusiastic bike and motorcycle clowns came perilously close to the curb in front of us! What a fun night. Hope you can arrange your next visit to Inn At The Beach to coincide with the Christmas Parade, which is always held the Saturday after Thanksgiving.